Challenging Piracy: Strategies for Tackling an Evolving Threat

Driven by the latest infringement insights and emerging piracy trends the event covered the criminal forces behind intellectual property crime, methods of content and financial disruption, and new ideas and efforts to defeat piracy in the future.

Hosted by Yasmin Nevard, Senior Insight and Marketing Manager at BASE and the Industry Trust for IP Awareness, this session also featured two expert guest speakers:

Stan McCoy, President & Managing Director – Motion Picture Association (EMEA)

“Stan examined ways the piracy landscape is evolving both in terms of technology and in terms of the challenges of identifying and bringing appropriate legal action against the operators of pirate services. He will also explore how rightsholders are stepping up their efforts in response to these challenges.”


Ardi Janjeva, Research Analyst (Organised Crime & Policing) – Royal United Services Institute

“A look at current infringement trends, the criminal organisations that support them, and the key role that financial disruption can play in beating piracy.”


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