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The Home Entertainment Market continues its path of growth.

Market Consumer Spend

A proliferation of consumption models, including traditional physical media and digital consumption at home and on the move, helps generate consumer spend over £2.61 billion.

2019 sees continued growth across the category, with the total value of the market up by 9.5%

Retail remains the driver of the transactional market place

Across all transactional formats, ownership accounts for 83% of the market across disc and digital, while digital rental represents 14%.

Subscription video-on-demand now delivers over £1.72 billion to the market.

In 2019 over 48m discs were bought and on digital retail near 20m films were purchased.

Format Share

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Over 16.0 million people bought or rented home entertainment content in 2019, with an average £55.92 being spent per shopper.

For owned content, near 8.8m people purchased a DVD or Blu-ray spending over £48 per shopper, with the average spend for EST closing in at is £46.69 per shopper.

In 2019 across EST 13% of shoppers purchased over 10 copies in the year and accounted for 57% share of the spend. On Blu-ray 8% of shoppers purchased 6+ discs during the year and accounted for 50% of spend.


Consumers buy content to plan

Increasing YoY planned purchases across disc now account for 70% of spend during 2019, with this peaking across TV New release content (at 85%).

Digital transactions remain higher with planned spend on EST content at 82% and TVoD at 79% both seeing higher increases YoY than Disc.

Kids content is the least planned purchase at just 61%, dropping below 50% when it comes to purchases made instore.


Treating Myself

Purchases for personal viewing increased YoY at 39% of all discs bought, whilst at a quarter of all purchases gifting remained static YoY. This meant that purchases for viewing as a family actually dipped in 2019, both across Disc and EST.

Number of Purchases

Spend by Age Group

  • Over three quarters of 20-24 year olds entertainment purchases are now done digitally up from 63% in 2018


  • The next highest age group for share of purchases focused to digital are 35-44 year olds at 63% (55% in 2018), which across these two groups account for 45% of all digital purchases.


  • Shoppers 55+ in the last year saw over 50% of their retail purchases remain with physical disc, with this group accounting for 36% of all disc sales in 2019.


  • Those living in the North remain the most engaged with Disc, with most volume purchased from this part of the country, with London seeing the largest YoY increase up 1.7 percentage points.


  • For EST London remained flat YoY at 31% share of transactions, with Scotland seeing the largest increase from the 7.1% share in 2018.

Market Insight