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The Home Entertainment Market continues its path of growth.

BASE Website 2018 Chart

A resilient industry currently worth in excess of £2.34 billion.

2018 sees continued growth across the category, with the total value of the market up by 10.1%

Retail remains the driver of the transactional market place

Across all transactional formats, ownership accounts for 83% of the market across disc and digital, while digital rental represents 14%.

Subscription video-on-demand now delivers over £1.29 billion to the market with.

In 2018 over 64m discs were bought and on digital retail near 20m films were purchased.

BASE Website 2018 Retail Chart

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Over 16.4 million people bought or rented home entertainment content in 2018, with 17% doing both at least once throughout the year.

For owned content, the average spend per shopper is £54.37. Within this figure, the average spend for EST is £45.06 per shopper.

In 2018 Blu-ray and EST saw the average number of units purchased increase year-on-year, with Blu-ray customers purchasing five or more discs rising from 12% to 13%, whilst EST customers purchasing five or more titles increased from 20% to more than 23%.


Consumers both plan and buy on impulse

61% of disc purchases in 2018 were planned; Blu-ray purchases saw an even higher percentage, with 76% of purchases planned.

TVoD saw the largest year-on-year increase in planned transactions, up to 71%. These increases indicate that subscription and catch-up services continue to fill the gap for impulse content consumption.

In-store measurements show impulse buying is down 10 percentage points year-on-year, though unplanned purchases still account for 58% of all film catalogue volume sales.


The gift that keeps giving

24.6% of spend is attributed to gifting in 2018, up almost one percentage point year-on-year.

The volume share of purchases, however, remained static, indicating an increase in the average price paid by shoppers for content intended as a gift. On a format level, gifting was driven primarily by DVD content across both new release and catalogue titles.

Consumer Trends
format by age

Spend by Age Group

  • During 2018, the share of discs purchased rose for both under 35s and 35-54s.
  • The under 35s favour specialist and internet retailers, with over 31% of disc spend attributed to these retailers.
  • Grocers see the strongest share of spend from the over 55s, with 38%; almost five percentage points higher than the overall market.
  • The over 55s show their spending power on DVD, with a near 37.5% share of the market, four percentage points higher than the overall market share they represent.
  • Across Blu-ray and 4K UHD formats over a third of sales are accounted for by under 35s. On 4K UHD alone, share of spend for the under 35s at 34% is nearly 12 percentage points higher than the share this age group represent for DVD spend.

Market Insight