Future Releases

The table below shows the releases across the next 3 months, including theatrical and home entertainment releases across both disc and digital.

The table has various filter and sorting functions which can be used to search for a specific title.

  • The information is sorted by release date however it can also be sorted alphabetically, by format, availability or distributor. To do this, simply click on the column title that you want to organise the results by.
  • Information can be sorted for a specific time period using start and end date boxes.
  • Export functions will download information displayed on screen in CSV or Excel format. The exported file will also include additional information including PR contact, synopsis and image links.
  • Entering a word into the search box above the table will search through all the release information for that specific key word. This main box allows search by title, format, availability or distributor.
  • The search boxes below each column refine the data by searching only within that column of information for a particular keyword.
  • The future releases table also includes 3 months of previous releases.

If you have any questions about future releases please contact [email protected].

NB. Release dates are subject to change.
Data is courtesy of BDSWest 10 © 2023

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