British Association for Screen Entertainment Insights are entirely neutral and provide members and industry partners with a fully consolidated view of the market and consumer trends, drawing on the latest market data from leading providers such as Official Charts Company, Kantar Worldpanel, Futuresource Consulting and IHS Markit.


Here you will find a range of usable market intelligence materials to download including a complete overview of the British home screen entertainment market including data on discs and digital and ownership and subscription.

Market Insights 2018

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Easy access to an increasingly broad range of living room devices has driven consumers to embrace a variety of different content delivery services to access home entertainment in 2018.

Subscription now accounts for over half of home entertainment spend, with 17.7 million consumers subscribed to at least one service (including free trials), whilst 16.4 million shoppers transact across rental and ownership.

Transactional spend continues to be worth over £1 billion, and ownership remains a significant contributor to the market’s success, accounting for an 83% share, to a value of £869 million in 2018. DVD remains the leading format for ownership with a 54% share of spend and in excess of 54 million copies sold in 2018.


Including subscription, over 72% of the Home Entertainment market is now Digital.

Excluding subscription, retail disc accounted for 59% of the transactional market.

2018 saw 92 million pieces of content sold, and over 135 million transactions.

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Following information is all historic data points pre-2019.

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Market Trends 2006-2016

Market Trends Graph 2006 – 2016


UK Video market continues to grow up 2.2% in 2016.

The British home screen entertainment market remains buoyant above £2.25bn


Consumers Love Discs


“Consumers love discs”

Conducted by The Nursery Research and Planning in 2014, this research identified the strong emotional attachment that consumers have with discs; how viewing habits become ingrained early on in life; and the importance of supermarkets for browsing as well as planned purchases.

Consumer Journey - BASE Website

Consumer Journey Research

Industry Research showcases Loyalty Loop


DEG Europe Market Report

Utilising the nine country profiles published by the International Video Federation (IVF) earlier this year, the 46-page European Market Report takes a combined approach to deliver an overview of the Home Entertainment market across Europe between 2010 and 2016.

This is the first time that the DEGE has joined forces with the IVF to provide a collective trend analysis based on data supplied by IHS Markit, informing recipients as to the evolving trends and differing shape of consumer spend throughout Europe.