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BASE/DEGI Launches Its Largest Cross-Category Digital Transactional Campaign To Date

The British Association for Screen Entertainment (BASE) and Digital Entertainment Group International (DEGI) has launched its biggest ever cross-category marketing campaign with Unforgettable Entertainment, driving engagement from new, lapsed and existing digital transactional customers.

Building on the success of the BASE/DEGI New Release-focused Mega Movie Week campaigns of the previous years, as well as the huge growth that digital transactional has experienced during stay-at-home restrictions, Unforgettable Entertainment commenced on March 8 with a messaging campaign targeting light and non-transactors. Spotlighting the simplicity, flexibility and ease of digital transaction, the educational campaign reinforces the fact that Download and Keep allows consumers to take advantage of the best in screen entertainment in their own homes without subscription. A week-long promotional campaign follows, from March 15-21, with digital retailers showcasing a range of offers from their own stores, including some of the best film and TV content available. With titles such as Joker, the biggest home entertainment title of 2020, as well as BAFTA winning television series Wolf Hall, family favourites Spider-Man: Far From Home, Toy Story 4, Avengers: Endgame, and the 1994 classic Léon, Unforgettable Entertainment really does provide something for everyone, and a perfect opportunity to enjoy the emotional connection and nostalgia that the best in screen entertainment delivers.

Digital retailers participating in the promotional campaign include Amazon Prime Video, the Apple TV app, BT TV Store, CHILI, Google Play, Microsoft Store, PlayStation Store, Rakuten TV, Sky Store and Virgin Media, supported by distributors from across the BASE and DEGI membership, including BBC Studios, Lionsgate, The Movie Partnership, NBCUniversal, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, Spirit Entertainment, StudioCanal, The Walt Disney Company and Warner Bros.

With a multi-faceted media campaign that incorporates broadcast VOD, radio, digital, social, influencer, and print executions, the integrated educational and promotional activity of Unforgettable Entertainment represents the largest investment yet from BASE/DEGI, in its ongoing strategic mission to support cross-industry growth across the digital transactional landscape.

Liz Bales, CEO at BASE/DEGI, said: “Audiences have demonstrated just how important home entertainment is to them over an incredibly challenging year, with more than two million new customers uncovering the flexibility and depth of choice digital transactional offers. With Unforgettable Entertainment, our goal is to continue to build on that growth, and ensure that we are reaching and educating new audiences about the benefits of digital transaction, while also engaging and encouraging frequency of purchase among existing, loyal customers. The Official Film Chart has shown that consumers have taken the opportunity to find films and shows they may have missed first time around, and across the campaign we showcase incredible heritage titles alongside more recent releases. Unforgettable Entertainment demonstrates that there really is no greater library of film and TV available to help ensure that, particularly around those planned entertainment occasions, now very-familiar sofas feel special again.”

Rob Marsh, Chair of BASE and Vice President Commercial (Home Entertainment) at Sony Pictures Entertainment, added: “With the introduction of Mega Movie Week in 2019, now replicated in multiple territories, BASE/DEGI continues to drive a bold but strategic agenda with the prime intention of enabling conditions for meaningful growth in digital transaction in an evolving video category. Unforgettable Entertainment continues with our purpose to broaden audience engagement, just as much as it provides an opportunity to build on the organic growth the category has been fortunate enough to enjoy. The success of these campaigns continues to prove that we can create powerful, consumer focussed category moments together as an industry, and that transactional video entertainment has its own unique strengths and qualities which consumers recognise and enjoy. We invite partners and stakeholders to view this campaign through that lens, as a conversation starter, and an opportunity to consider what more we can do together to drive even greater category success.”

In support of Action for Children
In support of Action for Children

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